Mergers and

Our cultural due diligence services provide actionable insights into the level of integration that can reasonably be achieved in the first couple of years, the additional investment that will be necessary right after a merger as well as a comprehensive checklist of the items to be addressed in the post M&A integration phase.

HR teams stand to gain invaluable forewarning of where resistance to the culture of the acquiring company or the dominant partner is likely to be strongest, enabling them to tailor their communication and training strategies accordingly.

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Expanding into
New Markets

Sales, marketing and negotiating strategies that have proven successful in, say, Northern Europe, may be doomed to failure in the Middle East or Japan.

A few hours spent with one of our experienced consultants can prevent costly mistakes when preparing to negotiate with government agencies or building a partnership with a local player.

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Corporate Culture and
Change Management

To attract and retain international talent, the corporate culture of an organization may need to undergo profound changes. A corporate value that sends a positive message to candidates and employees in one country may not be understood or appreciated in another.

We work hand in hand with executive committees and HR teams as they decide what the new corporate culture should look like and review their recruiting strategies.

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