International effectiveness

Individuals and teams who regularly work with multiple countries will gain in confidence and productivity by attending one of our international effectiveness programmes.

All of our training programmes are customised. Prior to each course, participants are asked to complete a questionnaire or to exchange with us by phone. We then use that information to tailor the content around the countries and real-life situations that were highlighted.

The training approach is highly interactive, combining video, case studies, mini-workshops and experiential activities.

Examples of themes we can cover in international effectiveness courses are listed below.


  • Communicating effectively across cultures
  • Impact and influence in an
    international setting

International sales
and negotiations

  • Selling to international clients
  • International negotiations:
    Getting to yes across cultures

Cross-cultural facilitation

  • Training across cultures
  • Facilitating international meetings

Working internationally 

  • Developing cultural awareness
  • Succeeding in a global team
  • Doing business across borders

In a previous role I held, my French team and our American colleagues faced a real cultural challenge working together. Once I managed to convince my boss to train both teams (US and French) on better understanding our differences and how to overcome them, then the levels of frustration decreased in both teams. This training goes beyond learning to accept differences. It also provides tips such as how to present effectively to Americans and reformulate messages for greater clarity. It was a real success thanks also to our experienced trainer, Róisín.

Catherine Larue
Integrated BioBank of Luxembourg