Country and region-specific

We deliver business skills development and international mobility training for more than 80 countries and regions worldwide.

Expatriate training programmes

Our Living and working in series ensure international assignees and their families have the practical tools, skills and knowledge they need to integrate quickly and effectively in the host country. Attendees learn to interpret social and business norms through the lenses of key cultural dimensions and to identify strategies for bridging cultural gaps.

Each programme begins with a detailed needs analysis to determine the best choice of consultant(s) and to customise the content in line with the personal and professional contexts of the participants.

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Working with country
region X

Our Working with Country or Region X series cover the cultural insights and skills necessary to communicate and collaborate with colleagues and business partners in a given country or region.

Prior to each course, participants complete a questionnaire to identify their key areas of interest and situations to focus on in role play and groupwork.

Interested in another country or region?
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I attended an expatriate training some months after my arrival in France and it was really useful. I learned a lot about French culture. I now understand the cultural differences between Argentina and France and how to act in daily work situations. A very practical approach.

Gustavo Marin

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