Living and working in Turkey

Living and working in Turkey is a highly interactive programme which combines discussion, case studies, role play and video.


  • Facilitate the transition of international assignees into the lifestyle and work environment in Turkey
  • Help to avoid cultural misunderstandings
  • Provide participants with practical approaches to understanding and adapting to business practices in Turkey
  • Learn to communicate effectively with Turks

Who should attend?

  • Expatriates and their partners.


  • This is typically a 2-day course but a condensed 1-day format is also possible.

Course content

1/ Understanding today’s Turkey

  • Political scene
  • Relationship with the European Union
  • Zoom on the Turkish economy

2/ Daily living in Turkey

  • Rituals and customs
  • Religion
  • Health and safety
  • Money matters: Opening a bank account, credit cards
  • Sport and cultural activities
  • Making new friends

3/ Working with Turks

  • Business relationships with colleagues at different hierarchical levels, clients and business partners
  • Management and leadership styles
  • Risk-taking
  • Decision-making
  • Time management
  • Business meetings and presentations
  • Communicating effectively across cultures
  • Negotiating with the Turks