Living and working in Japan

Living and working in Japan is a highly interactive programme which combines discussion, case studies, role play and video.


  • Facilitate the transition of expatriates into the lifestyle and work environment in Japan
  • Help to avoid cultural misunderstandings
  • Provide participants with practical approaches to understanding and adapting to business practices in Japan
  • Learn to communicate more effectively with the Japanese

Who should attend?

  • Expatriates and their partners.


  • This is a 2-day course

Course content

1/ Foundations of Japanese culture

  • Key geopolitical and historical factors
  • Religions of Japan and their social and cultural impact
  • Key features of the Japanese language
  • The Japanese society today

2/ Key cultural dimensions to measure cultural gaps and similarities

  • Low and high power distance
  • Uncertainty avoidance and acceptance
  • Individualist and collectivist cultures
  • Ways of thinking
  • Monochronic and polychronic time orientations
  • Low and high context communication
  • Duty and honour codes

3/ Commucating effectively with the Japanese

  • Greetings and titles
  • Welcoming rituals
  • Business cards
  • Non-verbal communication: eye contact, personal space, gestures and physical contact
  • Verbal communication: Implicit messages, the meaning of “yes”
  • Influencing techniques

4/ The business world in Japan

  • Types of Japanese companies
  • Management and leadership styles
  • Teamwork
  • Decision-making
  • Hierarchy and respect for age
  • Giving and saving face
  • Meetings
  • Motivational levers
  • Women in the workplace
  • Socialising and networking

5/ Living in Japan

  • Health and safety
  • Women in Japanese society
  • Making friends
  • Relationships with colleagues, friends and neighbours
  • Where to go shopping
  • Finding a tradesperson
  • Leisure activities

6/ Top tips and personal action plan