Businesswomen in the Middle East

What participants will gain

  • Deeper understanding of women’s roles in the work place in a very culturally diverse region
  • Understanding of gender roles and society’s expectations of women in public and at work
  • Understanding of women and their role within Islam
  • Knowledge of the challenges and successes of local women in the workplace
    • Female leaders’ positions in the region
    • Legal and societal barriers for women in business
    • Career women – challenges and decisions for women in senior positions
    • Balance of life and well-being as female leaders in the Middle East
  • Understanding of how to develop a personal communication style and appearance as a woman, that will fit into the Middle Eastern cultural context
  • Ability to share and learn from each other’s experiences
  • The opportunity to ask in-depth questions about women and gender roles in the Middle East, in a safe environment
  • Practical tips on dress code and how to how to dress comfortably at work and in public appearances


This is a one-day programme.

Workshop overview

Westerners often feel concerned about how to best engage with gender topics in the Middle East, whether it is through developing businesses or managing teams.

Our Businesswomen in the Middle East workshop will help you to discover a diverse and multi-faceted region and increase your understanding of the expectations of female business leaders in the Middle East. It provides key insights into the cultural context, gender roles and religious impact on local leadership, business practices and organisational values.

This workshop will enable you to become more confident and able to adapt your style of working and be more successful in engaging and communicating cross-genders with decision-makers, customers, employees and suppliers in the Middle East.

The interactive format offers extensive opportunities for participants to share and discuss difficulties and personal concerns together with an expert on Middle Eastern organisational development, in a safe environment.

Target audience

  • Middle and senior managers who have regular contact with subsidiaries and business partners in the Middle East
  • Sales and business development teams
  • HR professionals involved in recruiting, talent management, training and diversity initiatives
  • Project managers